ADA Compliance

ADA web accessibility and what it means to you.

There’s been much media coverage on ADA web accessibility as a result of mounting nationwide lawsuits targeting businesses of all sizes. The lawsuits are based on a Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act ruling that requires website accessibility for organizations with a storefront.

Should you care?  – Yes.

And for two reasons.

Reason 1: Because some 50 million Americans have a disability and, unless your website is ADA compliant, many cannot  access your website, and that’s not fair to them.  If you think about it, it’s probably not that fair to you either, because that amounts to a lot of prospective customers that you’re not reaching.
Reason 2: Because if you don’t comply to ADA website requirements and you happen to be served by an attorney, it’s going to cost you a lot of money. And the issue is not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.  In effect, all organizations, profit or non-profit,  with a storefront, are sitting ducks. Visit our blog for the latest lawsuit figures. They’re sky rocketing.

Just Do it.

While it may come as an inconvenience, and it is not inexpensive, we recommend that you address the matter now, rather than get caught in a costly lawsuit that forces you to do the work anyway, and under tremendous duress.

Why Campaign Precision

Because Campaign Precision can address ADA compliance quickly, effectively and reasonably. The bottom line. We take this off the table for you in two easy steps.  We get the job done and you rest easy.  That simple.

Our ADA Compliance Offering

Step 1 – Initial ADA Website Audit / Assessment

Our experienced digital team will conduct a visual/technical audit of your website using various digital tools to ascertain its “accessibility” according current ADA requirements.  This will enable us to determine actual scope of work required to achieve compliance.  We will present the results of our analysis and explain if and to what degree work is required i.e. scope, timing and cost of rendering your site compliant. This initial step can be typically achieved within 72 hours.  While advisable, there is no obligation to move to Step 2.

Step 2 – Rendering Your Site ADA Compliant

Based on our initial assessment, our digital team will render your site ADA Compliant to currently accepted Levels A and AA for W3C certification.

Achieving compliance is both a creative and technical process that typically requires creative and technical enhancements to your website, including visual layout, color contrasts, type font selections, font point sizes, proportional relationships, and imagery.

Using digital scanning tools, our team will present to you the final results of its work to ensure that your website meets ADA compliance.  We will then add a W3C certification logo to the footer of your website to indicate that your site is clear.

Campaign Precision applies professional fees from Step 1 toward Step 2.

Are you ADA Compliant?