Advanced Analytics

Campaign Precision’s analytics experts helped set in motion Internet marketing for the automotive industry.

Today, our experts remain analytics trailblazers, continuously developing and perfecting the most advanced analytics tools and processes for measuring campaign effectiveness and client ROI.

Website Traffic. Measuring the performance of your site is more crucial than ever. Each month there is a new metric, acronym and update you need to stay on top of to ensure you are taking advantage of your digital traffic.

GOOGLE Analytics. You might be using Google Analytics or logging directly into the backend reporting of your website to measure performance. Both require time and continuous education to truly determine if your ROI.

Performance. Measuring and understanding website traffic performance has reached a new level of complexity. Just setting up your Google Analytics to tag, track and measure data is a task all by itself.



Campaign Precision’s Advanced Data Analytics Advantage

  • Accountability based on exceptionally accurate, non-biased, actionable data.
  • Focuses on the Metrics and KPI’s that matter vs what looks or sounds good.
  • Provides vendors with input on performance and asks them the difficult questions.
  • Enables you to stay relevant and current with what goals, metrics and KPI’s matter along with the technology behind them.
  • Filters out noise from bots, spammers and internal traffic that inflate and distort reality.

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