Advocacy and what it means to you.

The art of speaking up for others isn’t new, nor its purpose any less important today than it was in the days of ancient Rome and Greece, when orators like Caesar and Cicero performed as advocates pleading causes for others.

Of course today’s world is a whole lot bigger, more crowded and complicated. Reaching out and gaining support is a whole new ball game. Consider in the mix today’s relentless, 24-hour multichannel global media environment, not to mention the sheer volume of causes seeking support.

Whether it be social, economic or political advocacy, achieving impact and support today requires more than merely the art of speaking up. Publicly expressing interest in specific causes and taking clear actions to support the positive advancement of such causes requires the help of communications strategists, digital marketing, data and analytics experts.

Why Campaign Precision

Because we’re experienced advisers in the field of advocacy. If you’re seeking social, economic or political support, Campaign Precision can help get your message to the right audiences efficiently and effectively by leveraging our communication expertise and suite of digital communications tools and resources, including:

  • Social, economic or political advocacy
  • Research and digital strategy
  • Social media
  • Online coalition building
  • Online advertising and media buying
  • Database management
  • Email marketing
  • Web Development

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