9 Years Later, This Car Dealer’s YouTube Channel Lives On

It was 9 years ago that we created this YouTube Channel. This dealer was my playground, and it’s where Showroom Logic was born back in the day.

The dealership was sold several years ago, but the abandoned YouTube Channel lives on with over 2.9 million views.

What we did here can never be scaled, and I’ve seen many video vendors come and go over the years with no success. Remember those awful stitch videos?

Of the millions of views, not one single view was paid for. Our investment was a video camera (smart phones didn’t exist) and Sony Vegas software.

After a few months, we got really good at figuring out how people responded to the videos.

If you look at the channel, it’s sorted by upload date and the last upload was 3 years ago. Notice the lack of views? The reason is simple, these thumbnails will not spark the curiosity of a viewer.

Add real faces and this is how the magic happens. These girls became so popular. I would see customers pointing to them in the showroom saying “Look, there’s the girl from the video”.

The most popular video was two girls making fun of an old van that nobody wanted. (Volume Alert) This video alone has over 192,000 views.

As of today, this Channel has 1,943 subscribers. You know how hard it is for a Car Dealer’s YouTube Channel to get subscribers?

As the channel grew we realized most of the viewers were watching the entire video, so we started making them longer by putting outtakes.

To this day, these video thumbnails live on in searches.

The success of this channel resulted in us being on the Spike TV’s short lived reality show called “Car Lot Rescue”. This was a bad idea because they made the owner look like an animal, but that’s a whole other story.

We had to wait two years to see the episode, but it was still fun to watch.

You may or may not approve of this style, but at the end of the day it worked. It’s too bad the guy who bought the dealership didn’t realize how powerful the channel was. He should have taken it over.

So if you’re looking for something different and you have creative employees, this can be done by anybody.

Has anyone else seen a successful YouTube Channel from a Car Dealer?