Here’s A Great Way For Used Car Managers To Find The Perfect Inventory

This week I tagged and setup a brand new analytics account for a dealer group. The idea of this page is to find out what your current visitors are looking for.

This dashboard is showing traffic from all of their websites, and they can toggle to show specific websites. This is beneficial to see their overall performance as a group. All of the websites share a common cookie, so we can remarket used visitors from all websites back to their beautiful portal website.

The first thing they typically notice is the lack of engagement compared to traffic. This is a reality check that not all of your visitors are quality shoppers. My tags I write for engagement (in my opinion) are rock solid. I’ve been writing and perfecting them for years.

This is more realistic for a group that sells 75 used cars a month.

Engaged Prices

These are the prices that their current website visitors are engaged in. This is a very important number to look at if you want to sell more cars. This used car manager can even toggle by source or vendor to see the quality of the shoppers brought to the site. For example, a Facebook Campaign may bring many people in the 5K – 10K range. Remember, some people shop by price range.

Existing Google Audience

Many of your shoppers are already in a Google Audience. This means they are already out shopping on other websites before they came to your website.

How Does Google Define An Audience?

Google has their own data, and they use a lot of machine learning. The reason they give away many of their free tools is because they want data. Here is a brief list of what Google owns which collect massive data:

  1. Google Search
  2. Google Ads
  3. Google Maps
  4. Gmail
  5. Chrome Browser
  6. Android
  7. YouTube
  8. Waze
  9. Google Assistant
  10. Google Analytics
  11. Google Calendar
  12. Google Data Studio
  13. Google Tag Manager
  14. Google Fiber
  15. Google Drive
  16. Google Sheets

This is why I’v always been a fan of Google’s data. Nobody has the reach and data Google has.

Before you waste your money buying other data, you already have it in your Google analytics right now. If you pay attention to this, you will sell more cars.

Common sense will tell you that if this dealer stocked more trucks and SUVs priced between 15 and 25K they will get more action.

How The Heck Am I Suppose To Find These Vehicles?

For starters, you could run a campaign targeting all used SUV shoppers in your area offering top dollar for their trade. If you have the right landing page, this can be very effective. The landing page also should have a unique phone number on it, which could be directed to a true phone assassin. You don’t get that many calls right now from your website, with the exception of service.

Tip: Don’t rely on those silly value your trade tools. Convince them to either submit a form, call or just show up. 50% of your internet customers just show up anyway.