Interesting Data On I-Phone Users & Car Dealer’s Traffic

This is based on 100,325 total mobile phone users, which was 69% of the total traffic.

I separated the I-Phone against every other phone on the market because of the whole Safari privacy deal.

Combined : All Sources

So this shows me that overall I-Phone users are the strongest, and the Safari browser.

Combined : All Paid Sources

Now when I look at all paid sources only, I’m seeing a decline in I-Phone users.

I-Phone Only : Paid Sources

If I look at I-Phone users only, we can see that very few people use a browser other than Safari.

Now let’s look at the organic traffic.

Combined : Organic Only

The organic traffic tells me that 65% of their natural visitors use the I-Phone.

I-Phone Only : Organic Sources

I can’t help to think that too many vendors are relying on third party cookies and other scripts too much.

I see opportunities missed. Has anyone else noticed this?