Marketing in the Digital Ecosphere:

Writing an introductory article about digital marketing is not a subject I thought would make much sense now that we’re well ensconced in the 21th Century.  It feels a little like writing an introductory article about the benefits of electric cars.  This to say… an outdated subject at best.

And yet, I’m still seeing several clients avoiding digital marketing like the plague, convincing themselves that uploading a website IS digital marketing. This lack of knowledge is problematic, especially because a majority of today’s population consumes most of its information from the Internet. Let’s quickly start with this first misunderstanding about websites….

The single biggest myth about a website is that if you build it… they will come. If all you do is build it and do nothing to promote it, the actual result will be money spent to deliver brand awareness for an organization that few will ever know.

For lack of a better analogy, if a website is the aircraft’s fuselage, then the aircraft’s set of wings is its digital marketing. Without its wings, the plane simply won’t fly.

So what are we talking about here?

To understand why digital marketing is so important one must first understand the overall context.  There are 1.5 billion websites on the net today. Each hour nearly 400 new ones go live.  To believe that people will come to your website just because it has been posted may be a little naïve.

Notwithstanding, there are literally millions of brands out there.  After the list of 100 most valuable ones, including the Googles, Apples, Coca Colas and Amazons, there is a significant drop off of brands commonly known to the many.  I mention this for the obvious reason that highly recognized brands do better than unknown brands both online and off-line.

And yet, even these global brands spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on digital marketing, including online display advertising, SEO, and all sorts of other forms of digital optimization.

For example, of its more than $10+ billion annual marketing budget, Amazon spends more than $450 million on search engine optimization alone.  Sounds like an awful lot.

But what if you’re a smaller organization, how much should you spend?

The U.S. Small Business Administration suggests spending roughly 8% of a company’s gross revenue on marketing.  This year, they suggest spending 50% of that marketing budget on digital marketing.  And if you believe that’s excessive, the SBA suggests that in 2020, it should be 55%. Today, the average company is spending 35% of its marketing budget on digital campaigns, and that’s not enough. The average company is stuck 3 years in the past.

Seen another way… Today we live in a digital ecosphere where never have so many been able to connect with so many others anywhere and at any time.  Even traditional marketing and its media is going digital.  TV programming can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or pc.  Giant billboards continue to go digital, flat screens at bus and metro stops, even gas pumps.

In the end, all of this complexity will be reduced to content, dynamic digital distribution and continuous analytics.  Your website is either in the flow and playing the game, or just inert data residing in some digital dead zone, popping up every so often because you mentioned your company to a friend who went to “check it out.”

So why the disconnect? Why do so many still believe that they don’t need to spend on digital marketing, especially when we can demonstrate in detail that without it, their web traffic is negligible?  And why don’t they consider this spend as an investment with a measurable return than a cost?

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