We are a digital marketing firm that specializes in Automotive Marketing and are experts in tracking your marketing dollars to maximize your Return on Investment. Through our innovative solution, ROI Detective, we are able to provide our exclusive partners a competitive edge & RESULTS!

The team at Campaign Precision are pioneers in the automotive digital marketing space, overseeing over $500 Million Dollars of paid search and display advertising. Using ROI Detective, we can take your campaigns to the next level and measure performance right down to the keyword.



  • Everyone wants to know how they can maximize their marketing dollars to sell more cars.
  • Everyone wants to know which half of their marketing dollars is working and which half is being wasted.
  • Some of our partners are investing from $250,000.00 to over $1,000,000.00 per year in marketing to drive in sales! A large percentage of those marketing dollars are being invested in Digital Marketing and growing every day.

Obtaining answers to those 2 questions is a game changer for anyone in any industry not only to continue to succeed today but to guarantee continued success and growth year over year.

The Solution: Campaign Precision & ROI Detective

When was the last time you hired a firm to audit your Digital Marketing analytics to keep all your vendors honest?

Through ROI Detective and our expertise, we have the ability to immediately determine where your Digital Marketing dollars are being invested & your Return On Investment. Our findings are always a wakeup call to our partners. We can immediately stop the bleeding and identify opportunities!

Through Campaign Precision we have the know how & technology to maximize your marketing dollars through strategic campaigns that deliver results and drive more sales!

Why We Prevail

We do not believe in automation even though my partners created it. Since we’re the founders of marketing automation for the automotive industry, we know how to exploit it. Chances are all of your competitors are using automated canned ads and you probably are too.

We are hands on and deliver campaigns that are unique to each one of our partners and their markets and deliver results! Changes in the industry are constant and no automation tool can keep up with the competitive demands of the rapidly shifting landscape.


We don’t just report on what we do; we measure and report all digital sources to measure everything equally.

Advanced Analytics:

With proper use of tagging and/or UTM parameters, we can find trends in your area before anyone else does. Imagine learning how different males shop vs. females in your area?

Internet Marketing:

  • Google Paid Search
  • Bing/Yahoo Paid Search
  • Google Display Network
  • Facebook / Instagram

Our History

We have over 15 years of experience in paid search advertising, founded automation in the automotive digital advertising space and are the original founders of ShowRoom Logic.

Our Philosophy

You should know up front that our philosophy is completely different from any other digital marketing company or vendor that you may be working with. We define a “Partner”, not only by delivering winning strategies and technology to generate more sales, but also through loyalty.

Meaning, once you become our partner “WE WILL NOT BE EMPLOYABLE BY YOUR COMPETITION!”
Since we deliver results, we have no long-term contracts and don’t believe in them.

When was the last time you hired a professional firm to audit you digital marketing vendors and their results? We look forward to becoming your Exclusive Partner!