Bolivia Education Foundation



The Bolivia Education Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to assisting impoverished teenagers in Bolivia to graduate in good health with a high school diploma, or what is called a “Diploma de Bachillerato.”

Like so many of today’s non-profit organizations, The Bolivia Education Foundation must aggressively compete for every donation dollar to fulfil its humanitarian mission. To achieve this, Campaign Precision has entirely redefined The Bolivia Education Foundation’s brand image by designing an engaging and efficient high care – high touch website that clearly explains the purpose and values of the organization.

We want to turn dreams into reality

Today’s donors demand non-profits to perform at the same professional caliber and efficiency as for-profit companies, communicating with purpose, clarity and inspiration is central to their livelihoods and growth.

The Bolivia Education Foundation helps create a thriving learning environment by providing highschool students with daily warm lunches, school necessities, mentoring, and a place to study.