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    Take the leap into Virtual Reality

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    Bridge your digital and physical environments into seamless immersive brand experiences with XR solutions from Campaign Precision.

    Apply the power of virtual, augmented and mixed reality to your marketing in ways that’ll take your customers’ breath away.

    Join the Web 3.0 Extended Reality Revolution

    Why XR

    Research shows that immersive experiences lead to enhanced participation, engagement and improved memory.

    Whether you’re a high touch luxury retailer, auto dealership, real estate company, convention center, cruise line or featuring a family of consumer or business products and services, Campaign Precision’s Extended Reality experts will help you enhance your brand leadership, excite your customer base and boost your eCommerce sales.

    Consumers feel positive about Virtual Reality
    Consumers want to buy from retailers that offer Augmented Reality
    Consumers will buy more from retailers who integrate Augmented Reality
    Consumers are likely to spend more on a product if they can experience it through Augmented Reality.

    Let our experts create and integrate engaging Extended Reality experiences into your marketing. Others have…

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    Our interactive marketing team draws on years of experience in delivering text, images, videos and Augmented and Virtual Reality in formats designed to meet your marketing objectives.

    We’ll help you

    Recommend where and how XR can fit into your program

    Recommend how augmented or virtual reality can fit into your digital strategy

    Develop content and storyboard countless experiences

    Develop content and storyboard countless experiences

    Bring you experiences to life using the latest XR technology

    Bring your experiences to life using the latest XR technology

    Design and implement complete XR programs from start to check-out

    Design and implement complete XR programs from start to check-out

    Create proprietary visual templates to help brand your latest XR-based courseware.

    Create impressive visual assets to help increase brand awareness and differentiate your offering

    Promote XR experience over social media channels

    Promote XR experiences over social media channels

    The Web 3.0 xr RevolutionTM

    Join Now

    Welcome to the Web 3.0 Extended Reality Revolution where Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality meet the Internet to deliver the world in immersive full motion 3D.

    Advancements in XR are augmenting the power of human connection, creating new levels of individualized social experiences for brands to reach customers.

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    See how a brand’s products can fit into their own custom environment.

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    See yourself in the middle of an amazing travel experience, taking a virtual tour of hotel rooms and the lobby, or a cruise ship, instead of reading third-party reviews.

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    See yourself shopping the virtual streets of Milan for the latest designer handbag.

    welcome to

    For those who thought the Metaverse was just another Hollywood

    For those who thought the Metaverse was just another Hollywood Sci-Fi concept think again. Today’s technological evolution is bordering on a revolution and its latest iteration is the Metaverse.

    The term Metaverse is frequently used to describe the concept of a future version of the Internet comprised of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe.

    Some say it’s the Internet brought to life, a virtual environment which we can enter, rather than merely look at on a screen. It’s already incorporating other aspects of online life such as shopping and social media.

    For these reasons, Campaign Precision will continue to leverage our lead in virtual, mixed and augmented reality, the key steppingstones to the Metaverse, by shaping highly immersive, 3D experiences for clients like Amerikooler, DealerXR and Sanofi.

    Take The Leap Image Heading

    The time is now to consider getting into virtual, mixed and augmented reality on the ground floor.

    Let Campaign Precision add a new level of intrigue to the online shopping experience by blending eCommerce and contextual computing to create seamless experiences for consumers to drive business value.

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    While our program is 100%-VR headset-ready, all you need is your computer, tablet or mobile phone.


    We go the extra mile

    Edward Beiner

    We’re a luxury brand and must rely on exceptional creative, interactive and eCommerce capabilities. Campaign Precision delivers as a proven partner for us.

    Edward Beiner

    Chief Executive Officer

    Nicholas Lindblom

    As the industry’s largest insurance aggregator, Bolt Insurance relies on Campaign Precision to help us design, support and continuously improve our rich digital ecosystem.

    Nicholas Lindblom

    Director of Marketing

    Jeetu Satpute

    Campaign Precision has been instrumental in positioning our unique company and in actively promoting our services.

    Jeetu Satpute


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