Virtual and Augmented Reality Training

For hands on practical training, there’s no better solution than virtual or augmented reality training. Often times having access to a specific piece of equipment, tool or machinery is not feasible or traveling to an onsite location is not practical. So whether you’re intentions are to reinforce onsite practical training, expand the reach of your training team, overcome geographic boundaries, compress time or to reduce costs, virtual or augmented reality training may be the solution that you’re looking for.

Using the latest cost effective techniques, our team can transport your learners into any scenario, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

With virtual Reality, workplace scenarios that were often too dangerous or difficult to train for, (for example, emergency protocols, hazardous material spills, clean room training, etc.), become practical, cost-effective, and safe in an immersive simulation.

Below are just some of the benefits of utilizing VR training when appropriate:

  • Appeal to the individual learner’s preference whether auditory, visual or kinesthetic
  • Better employee performance through increased engagement, higher retention and greater confidence
  • Learner controls their pace and focus of learning
  • The freedom to fail without any ill effects or judgement
  • Realistic environments that actually represent what the learner will be encountering in the workspace
  • Reduce costs by avoiding the need for numerous training equipment or machinery
  • Reduce the need for travel and geographical constraints
  • The analytics necessary to focus in on areas that learners need the most help on

With fully immersive and interactive 3D environments, HigherL offers a wide variety of custom solutions at competitive prices that will truly take your training program to the next level.

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